What is..?

The Dutch people once dreamed big,  full of ambition and hope, as they moved to the metropolitan sprawl of the Randstad. Those that dared to want more came to the cities to make the stuff dreams are made of reality. But mortal nature corrupts. Conflict and crime has been an almost universal constant in our country’s history and there’s little chance of that ever changing. We didn’t know it back then, but the Gilded Age was actually just the beginning of an ever downwards spiral, one we as a people have never managed to claw ourselves out of.

Avarice, lust and the hunger for power have been pivotal in shaping the tiny country of the Netherlands as we know it today.  What another has, the neighbor wants; what the first had wrought, the other would seek to invariably destroy. Sure, we may seem like good folk to the rest of the world, hiding behind big words filled with good meaning such as equality, egalitarianism, freedom of  speech. But these are all just code words, hiding deeper, darker meanings for those who do work out of sight of the public eye.

In the technologically advanced society of today organized crime and corruption have managed to seep into all the strata of society, from the lowest rungs of humanity’s dregs to the uppermost echelons of the elite. Leaders, politicians, cops, once defenders of law and justice have turned into the ghouls and bogeys of old; stories that haunted just the children have come to haunt us all as the eyes of justice are averted where they are needed most. The laughter of the newest generation has been pushed aside by the crescendos of feigned orgasms of hookers that prowl the streets during the middle of day.  The churches ring empty and forlorn, rows upon rows of pews sit vacant as the children have instead begun to take iPhone selfies with dead men with cement blocks around their ankles found washed ashore down at the Scheveningen beach.

Corpses piling on high and the screaming of bloody murder, a horrible duet done by men breathing their last and women crying out for mercy. All of it done in vain, each sound of chaos and calamity drowning out the next until soon enough the dykes will crumble under the rising pressure which will have us sinking six feet under the waves we have so long sought to control. We’ll end up being crushed under own collective weight of gathered sins and all that will be left of us as a testament of good things gone bad is a country made of sunken nightmares.

But that’s just me being a pessimist. Welcome to Amsterdamn.